Using your phone whilst driving? Points and fines to double

Despite it being law for a number of years, people are still continuing to use their phone whilst driving. The RAC has released some rather worrying statistics from a recently commissioned survey.

There’s been an increase in drivers owning up to using a handheld mobile phone – from 8% in 2014 to 31% today. Additionally there has been a rise in drivers sending a text, email or posting on social media, with the figure increasing from 7% two years ago to 19% today.

But it is not just texts and calls that people are making when they should be focusing on the road, as 14% admitted to taking photos and videos with their phone – something which can cause a disturbing increase in the risk of accidents and crashes. It is thought that as many as 11 million motorists could now be making or receiving a call while driving and an astonishing five million taking photos or videos.

The law regarding the use of phones whilst driving is about to change. In March the fine will increase to £200 and 6 penalty points on your licence. This includes holding your phone in your hand whilst its on speakerphone (like a walkie-talkie). You have been warned!