How much is the app marketplace actually worth?

Apps. The ones I download are mostly free because, deep down in my heart, I’m tighter than a gnats backside. How do these apps make money then? How do the developers get paid? How do those big TV advertisements appear on TV if we never actually click “Buy” ?

Well, truth is that, with in-app purchases, adverts and upgrades, they can make quite a substantial amount indeed. The global games market is worth a whopping $118.6 bn and there’s a 6.6% annual growth. That’s not all mobile generated though, as there’s the consoles that adorn bedrooms up and down the country taking the lions share. However, a fairly sizable $36.9 bn is estimated to originate from the mobile market.

We’ve been sent a lovely infographic to explain things a little more clearly, and it highlights the fact that Pokemon Go was the fastest ever to reach $500m in revenue. The stats also reveal that mobile gaming accounts for 40% of revenue for the top 10 companies.

Infographic Provided by 100tb