Mobile phone shop workers. Having a bad day? At least you didn’t have this

I know there’s quite a few of you out there who work in on concession stores, in retail stores and network shops. I don’t envy you, I really don’t. This weekend I popped into a local EE store just to have a mooch around and there seemed to be more people asking for help than there was actually buying anything.

Some customers can get irate, especially if their phones aren’t doing what they should. However, I doubt any of them would get as mad as this lady in Florida, who decided that the service she’d received wasn’t good enough.

There’s a few versions of why she wasn’t happy. However, it seems that Shinobia Wright visited the store in Palm Springs because she had a crack in her iPhone screen and wanted it fixing (or, she wanted an iPhone 7 and didn’t qualify for the finance, depending on which site you read).

Either way, she went a bit nuts and returned the next day and drove her overly large Nissan into the shop, albeit gingerly. Luckily someone was ready to film in in glorious portrait-o-vision…

An employee suffered a knee injury but, even after smashing into the store, the irate lady then got out and started smashing displays and attacked a member of staff.

The manager of the store apparently told police that she did not “appear right” and may have been on drugs.

She caused around $30,000 worth of damage and has been charged with “aggravated battery, battery, burglary and reckless driving”.

Wright told police that she was having a “bad day”.