aLLreLi F5 Bluetooth Headphones – Review

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s been a reoccurring theme whenever we review Bluetooth headphones. There’s definitely two types of headphones that I’ve found over the years. The first type will last for ages and they’re usually in-ear, but the sound quality just isn’t that brilliant. The second type offer a far superior sound quality, but the battery doesn’t last a great deal because the added bass response means that you’ll only get an hour at best before the music stops.

Today you need to meet these aLLreLi F5 headphones, which are selling on Amazon for £39.99 with free delivery. The usual Bluetooth goodness applies of course – you can use these with your phone to make and receive phone calls, plus you can of course send your music to them – which is what most people will be doing. Should you be without a Bluetooth device then there’s a 3.5mm audio port and cable supplied so that you can whack it into an old-school MP3 player or if you simply want to use your phone to talk to another Bluetooth device instead.

Straight out the box and the build quality is immediately noticeable. It has a cool brushed metal finish to the back of each earpiece and the soft, cool band that fits across your head is stitched beautifully and cushions my big bald head very well indeed.

Each earpiece can extend out a precise amount with a ratchet system ensuring that they don’t slide down while you’re wearing them. In addition, each one flexes up, down, left and right so that they sit perfectly over your ears. They surrounding “sponge” sits on your ears and is covered with a settings with a soft finish to keep your outer ears cool.

I’ve filmed a video showing you a bit more. I should clarify that you get 14 hours of talk time – not music time. However, you can listen to your favourite tunes for around 2-3 hours depending on the volume you’ve set.

Yes, the audio then. After a simple pairing exercise these absolutely blew me away. As I mentioned on the video, my LG G5 is pretty terrible when you plug a set of headphones in. Indeed, when I plugged in a 3.5mm cord these headphones didn’t sound as great as they did on Bluetooth because of the LG 3.5mm output. So, I stuck to Bluetooth and paired with a simple press-and-hold of the call button which sits on one earpiece. You can control your music here and skip tracks too.

Charged via microUSB, these also fold away nicely so that you can carry them around in your bag without them bending out of shape. The headphones also feature an uprated bass response and you can really hear that when you put some dance music on. When combined with the APTX audio technology, it gives a deep and rich experience but doesn’t detract form the higher notes or the mid-range sounds. Add that to the noise cancellation wizardry and you easily become immersed in your music, even if you’re sitting on a park bench in Stoke.

The bass is fantastic, and I’m actually listening to some music as I write this – it’s a great way to step into a “zone” so that you can get stuff done – whether that’s writing or perhaps doing the housework. Not only that, but these over-ear headphones look good t’boot. They’re stylish and professionally designed.

Highly recommended from me. Get yours on Amazon for £39.99 (at the time of writing) with free delivery. If you’re in the USA, they’re also available on Amazon US for $58.99.