The paper aeroplane gun. I want one!

My brain works in strange ways. Last night, as is usual, I put my phone into “Airplane mode” before going to sleep. It’s a little habit I’ve fallen into because, deep down, I don’t trust that “silent mode” won’t silent my morning alarm too. So, I put it into “Airplane mode” so that it won’t wake me with messages, tweets and other gubbins overnight.

But it got me thinking. For a Brit who has a passion for the English language, I find it irksome that smartphones have an “Airplane mode” when it clearly should be an “Aeroplane mode”. What gives? I’ve told you that I’m in the UK. I’ve told you that I want my mad combination of metric and imperial measurements and I’ve made it clear that I write the date the proper way round. I’ve also made it clear that I like to watch a TV programme but I would also like to create a computer program. So why the heck are you shoving “Airplane mode” down my throat?

Then, after trying to find an article on this site where I was waffling on about this previously, I stumbled on this YouTube video of a Lego paper plane maker….

It’s pretty amazing, and to be honest I’ve seen it before, but what I hadn’t seen was this “Paper Airplane” (which, of course, should be “Paper Aeroplane”) .. GUN!

That’s just simply insane. Someone spent ages making that thing so that it could shoot out paper planes. So, let’s all sit and admire the ridiculousness of it shall we? 🙂