Who needs a drone? Get your packages delivered on this!

At Christmas my nephew had a drone. Just a few days later it seemingly latched onto another signal and, whilst he was flying it across a large local park, it decided to fly in one particular direction – never to be seen again.

Part of me can understand the need for a drone, and I can understand why Amazon are using them to get some free PR / enhanced delivery times. However, Honda have come up with something which – with a bit of autonomous driving tech thrown in, could be a serious competitor.

At the moment this is billed as being a “Riding Assist” system. It works at less than 3 mph to help the rider balance at those tricky low speeds. It also stops the bike falling over when at rest. This is all good tech, but what interested me was the end of the video, where the bike followed a smiling woman through a building.

Imagine that, sped up. Why have self-driving cars when we could instead have self-driving bikes cutting through traffic delivering small parcels? Say goodbye to the bike couriers?!