Find out who that withheld caller was – Show Me The Number!

OK, you know the deal. You get a call from a withheld number and you ignore it. It could be one of the many PPI calls, it could be one of those ambulance-chasing claims companies. It could, however, be a call from your doctor or a call from an agency about a new job. How do you know?

Well, if you want a way of finding out, Show Me The Number has a way. Yes, it’ll cost you cash (£5.99 per month), but if you want a way of deciding what’s a “real call” and what isn’t, you can try it free for 7 days and cancel anytime.

There’s no software to install. You simply reject the call from the withheld number and you’ll receive a text message within seconds containing the actual number that called you.

The system is available to all contract networks and on pay as you go on giffgaff. Head to for more.