iD Mobile SIM-only deals. Definitely worth a look.

Before I mention the iD Mobile plans, I know that Sky are now running their mobile network too (which sits on O2) and they’re very eager to be mentioned here. For Sky customers, it might be worth checking out (head to Sky keep emailing me to let me know that they’ve done some research showing that some 20 million smartphone users here in the UK are deliberately buying more data than they actually need each month.

Well, I’m definitely one of those people. I used to have a 2GB plan but kept going over. I found that I was using around 2.4GB per month on average but bought a package with 10GB of data on Vodafone just… because.

Sky are trying to let us know that this unused data is “lost” each month and, with them, you can get that data rolled over into the next month. Their offerings include..

– Roll – Customers can roll over any unused data into their online ‘piggybank’ each month, to use whenever they need for up to three years

– Mix – customers can create a plan that’s right for them, which they can change every month

– Save – Sky TV customers don’t have to pay for UK calls or texts with any Sky Mobile data plan, in one of Sky’s most significant deals ever offered

– Sync – For the first time, Sky TV customers can Sync Sky+ recordings with their phone to create a personal playlist of shows they love to watch wherever they are

On Sky Mobile 1GB of data is £10 per month, 3GB is £15 and 5GB is £20. I’ve been looking a bit deeper into this and – although there’s rollover data available – if you want unlimited calls and texts then the prices stack up very quickly. I looked at a low-end SIM-only 1GB per month plan with unlimited calls and texts…

That seems a bit pricey to me, but if you fancy finding out more head to their website.

If you’re not a Sky customer (Sky Mobile is only available for Sky customers at the moment), take a look at iD Mobile instead. They’ve got a lot of SIM-only offerings, and they’re quite a lot cheaper. For starters, 1GB of data on their “GoTo” plan will cost just £5 per month and you get 5000 texts and 250 minutes of calls. £10 per month will get you 4GB of data (not 1GB) and you’ll receive 5000 texts plus 500 minutes of calls.

iD Mobile runs off the Three mobile network and you get 4G service too. The “GoTo” plans mentioned above all come with data rollover, but you can also check out their “Shockproof” plans which are capped so you don’t end up paying extra for daft overage charges. Oh, and they’ve also got a January sale on, so well worth considering if you’re looking for a new phone or a SIM-only deal..