Apple Set to Appeal EU Tax Ruling This Week

Silicone Vally is not having an easy time at the moment. The worries of the incoming Trump administration have started to show, it turns out no one can work out how to do cars, and it appears their long replied on Irish tax loop hole is closing fast. Although this week Apple are set to appeal their tax ruling and dispute owing 13 billion euros ($13.8 billion) to the Irish government.

Apple Set to Appeal EU Tax Ruling This Week

The company as a whole have not taken the ruling levied by the European Union in August laying down. CEO Tim Cook has already publicly announcing an intended appeal, labelling the ruling as “total political crap”.

Indeed it is not just Apple that insist no money is owed to the Irish government, Ireland themselves say there is nothing to pay. Issuing a statement that the EU commission “misunderstood the relevant facts and Irish law” and that Apple have not received any special benefits.

Apple Set to Appeal EU Tax Ruling This Week

Apple will contest that the judgement made against Apple on the basis of non-residency is a purposeful choice in order to make a statement. Apple’s General Counsel Bruce Sewell believes that Apple are being singled out, despite it being a tried and tested process for countless companies, simply because of their success.

“The Irish put in an expert opinion from an incredibly well-respected Irish tax lawyer. The Commission not only didn’t attack that – didn’t argue with it, as far as we know – they probably didn’t even read it. Because there is no reference (in the EU decision) whatsoever.” – Apple’s General Counsel Bruce Sewell

Business On Paper

Apple also have a fight on their hands over the way it does it’s business and posts profits in Ireland though. The EU Commission highlighted that the two companies based in Ireland where Apple posts billions in untaxed profits existed only on paper. With zero employees and being completely managed by employees of its parent company.

Tax issues and other fights over profits look set to drag on for a long time. Lets just hope that they don’t drag on as long as the Apple Vs Samsung cases that are still ongoing today!