Excuse me, but my dog is calling

So. I’m not totally sure where to begin with this one. I’ll sum it up in one sentence if I can. It’s a camera that you stick fairly low down on your wall that will let you video call your dog.


Not only that, but if you buy the “PawCall” accessory, your dog can video call you. Yes, that’s right. Your dog can call you at work. Your dog. Hmm.. can you imagine that? Really? There you are, in a really important meeting talking about the next financial quarter, and – RING RING

“Oh, sorry everyone, I must take this, my golden retriever needs me”.

Well, look at it this way, your colleagues are going to think that you perhaps need some time off.

At this point I’m going to exit, stage left, and show you a video of the product (which is called PetChatz and yes, does really exist) in action..

The doggy HD camera is $379.99 and the PawCall is an additional $99.99. That’s a total of $479.98 or £387.42. You can then buy scent pads or dispense treats from the bottom which allow your dog to (ahem)..

feel your love with the tasty treats and soothing scents you provide. Your day becomes a little easier; the time away feels a little shorter.

It apparently chew-resistant and you can stick it low-down at dog-height so that you can have a long and meaningful conversation with your doggy. You can also record and share videos with your friends, plus there’s a mobile app so that you can have a chat with your pooch on the bus. Yay.

Oh, and it works with cats too, so if you want to chat to your pussy remotely, you can.