Do you have the dropsies? Try the Phone Catcher

Do you have the dropsies? Try the Phone Catcher
Now, I could try and build this up to be something quite clever and inventive. To a degree it is, there’s a strong and quick-retracting cord and a clip which goes onto your pocket. However, I don’t think we can dress up the fact that it’s a bit of wire that connects you to your phone to stop you dropping the thing.

Called the Phone Catcher, you can get one of these for £9.99 with three caps to match your clothing. They’ve sent us a video so that you can see it in action below…

The 1 metre of transparent cort attaches to your phone with a small adhesive patch, then you just hook the other end to your pocket, belt or handbag. The cord is gently weighted so that a light pull will let you use your phone, but a fall will result in the phone being saved before it hits the ground. It’s a bit like your seatbelt. Likewise, the makers tell me that you’re less likely to lose your phone or have it stolen.

Phone catcher is a great accessory for young and old, useful for festivals, tradesmen working at heights, the blind, people who suffer from Alzheimer’s…basically anyone. 95% of our assembly and distribution is done by Enabled Works in Leeds which is a not for profit organisation owned and run by disabled people.

Get more detail or buy one at

Do you have the dropsies? Try the Phone Catcher

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