How to be an idiot

Another day and yet another driver being a complete melon with a smartphone. This time it’s a full lesson on what not to do at the wheel. Holding a phone, filming yourself, speeding at around 116mph and switching between the front and back camera for added effect. Not only that, but broadcasting the whole thing on Facebook and weaving through traffic whilst pulling some “rap poses” ticks all the boxes on how to be an absolute tool.

How to be an idiot

Meet Onasi Olio-Rojas, who’s 20. To be fair, he’s an extreme example and obviously hasn’t learned his lesson from two previous accidents this year, plus he was driving on a suspended licence. He took his Honda Civic out last Wednesday and decided to head down US Route 6 in Providence, Rhode Island. After overtaking and undertaking traffic, plus using the hard shoulder for the hell of it, he ended up hitting a rubbish truck whilst still doing over 100mph.

How to be an idiot

Captain John Allen of the Rhode Island State Police told reporters that…

It’s a grand slam of things not to do. Phone in your hand. No seat belt. Travelling at a high rate of speed. In and out of traffic. Some of the speeds you see on that video are incredible. [He’s] clearly way out of control.

Officers are now investigating and may bring charges of reckless driving, speeding and driving with a suspended licence. Onasi Olio-Rojas is now in a serious condition in hospital following the crash.

Video below, which doesn’t include the crash itself…

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