Coolsmartphone Podcast 187 – S Club & Peppa

We would like to thank John for his stewardship and work on the Coolsmartphone Podcast since 2015. Thanks John, the CSP Podcast would not have been as much fun and have had as great guests had you not been looking after us. We wish you all the very best in your non-CSP challenges, and look forward to having you back as a guest whenever you feel like it. There will always be a seat at the CSP Podcast for you, speak to you soon.

2016 ha been a year of change. It’s been ‘uge! Change is not necessarily a bad thing, and in the tech and consumer electronics world (CYBER) it is expected. The recent change to the Coolsmartphone Podcast is this: Matteo Doni will be taking over stewardship of the show, and experimenting with weekly recordings and releases, a slightly longer format of 45 minutes during the month of December and Live shows on YouTube as well as releasing the show there.

This week is the first episode recorded, edited and released thanks to John’s excellent handover. Matteo was joined by Greg and Majid on a Hangout on Air, and they chatted about Black Friday, Amazon Alexa, Meizu, Apple, the Honor 8 and Greg’s Stockholm Syndrome problem.

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Let us know what you think of the new format, length and frequency in the comments or on Twitter. We are looking to constantly improve while continuing to inform and entertain you. Keep an eye on CSP_Podcast on Twitter too to find out when the next live show will be and when edited recordings are released.

Thanks again John! We wouldn’t be here without you!