Clarkson, Hammond and May guide you on your way

Clarkson, Hammond and May guide you on your way
After watching two weeks of “The Grand Tour”, I’ve realised that both me and my son are calling it “New Top Gear”. It’s totally blown away any BBC attempt at the show, with the crazy antics turned up to 11 and the 4K footage beautifully filmed, it’s proving to be a huge success for Amazon.

Meanwhile, Google-owned Waze have added the voices of Clarkson, Hammond and May to their app. The app, for those who aren’t aware, is like a social network for drivers, with traffic incidents highlighted and shared automatically. Those reports are now finding their way into Google Maps too, but if you want the cool voices and the ability to report and check traffic reports, you’ll need to get Waze.

Download the app on Google Play and then head into the settings and then “Voice Language” to set your voices…

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