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Matchmaking, without the embarrassment   SpritzrMatchmaking. Internet dating. Online relationships. These are all words and phrases that used to carry a certain amount of embarrassment, but those days are now in the distant past. Now there’s all manner of dating and relationship apps, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

This one claims a world first – your friends can set you up with recommendations. That’s a good thing because, after all, your friends know you well. How many times have you said to yourself, “Those two would be great together” or “She would be perfect for him”. Now you can do that through Spritzr, which lets your friends become matchmakers.

Matchmaking, without the embarrassment   Spritzr

If you’re looking for love, it’s going to deliver a more handpicked selection – no more endless swiping. With your friends suggesting potential matches, it means that you’ll have something in common straight away – you don’t need to fret about an opening line and it works by finding mutual “likes”.

Download and you’ll see a “Suggestions” page where you can go through the people that you might be interested in. Your friends help to build this list and, if you want more suggestions, you just invite more friends to help you. Then, if you select someone and they select you in return, you get a “Match”. From here it’s time to suggest a date!

Matchmaking, without the embarrassment   Spritzr

No awkward dates “arranged” by your mates – you both know from the get-go that you’re interested in each other, so you’re immediately at ease and more relaxed.

As a “friend”, you can help to setup your single mate by suggesting men or women that they may want to take a look at. This isn’t just a dating app – you choose if you want to be a “Dater” or just a “Matchmaker” for your mates. When you fire up the app, you’re clearly labelled as a “Matchmaker” so that there’s no confusion or unwanted advances if you’re already in a relationship.

Matchmaking, without the embarrassment   Spritzr

Let’s face it, “offline matchmaking” can be a tad awkward. Clumsy introductions, “forced” dinners and “accidental” meetings which lead to embarrassment and sometimes a kick to the ego. Here it’s left to the singles themselves to “like” each other, and a mutual interest will already have been established before a first date.

If you’re interested or want to help a friend, get the Android dating app or head to the Apple store, where it’s in the iTunes dating apps section.