Amazon Prime discount ends tonight

Something very weird started happening in 2016. Elections and referendums have resulted in people voting for insane / controversial / new directions, depending on your opinion. The US President-elect, Donald Trump, isn’t known for “holding back” and probably doesn’t subscribe to being “politically correct” about anything. Likewise, you could say similar things about men like Boris Johnson (who said this recently) or Jeremy Clarkson.

Wow, that was a long-winded and tenuous link to the new Amazon Prime show wasn’t it? Where was I going with that? Perhaps I was trying to say that the world is rebelling against the politically correct world, or perhaps we don’t want to “work together” any more. Perhaps we just want to get in a car and put our foot flat down and say, “ME! I WANT THIS!”

Amazon Prime discount ends tonight

Perhaps that’s why people like Jeremy Clarkson. Perhaps that’s why “The Grand Tour” is getting such brilliant reviews this morning and people love it so much.

Either that, or it could be the excellently filmed footage, the production, the huge pile of Amazon cash or the personalities of the main three presenters. Yes. It could be that.

Crikey, I’ve got to stop drinking in the morning. It’s really turning these article to mush. Either way, I’ve padded this out to over 300 words, and now I can get to the actual crux of this entire piece – the discount on Amazon Prime is to end tonight. You can get the first year for £59 instead of £79, which works out at less than £4.92 per month. Don’t forget that it also gets you access to a huge range of TV shows and movies with Prime Video, plus you get unlimited One-Day Delivery – ideal for those festive gifts that you know you’re going to leave to the last minute.

Interested? Get in quick. Get a Fire TV stick and then just pay £59 for the Amazon Prime service. Watch “The Grand Tour” tonight.