Vodafone is number 1

Vodafone is number 1
According to P3 (umm?) Vodafone have got the best network for voice in the UK. Not only that but they’ve got the best network in London and the most improved network in the UK too.

Vodafone tell me that they’ve worked hard to improve their network and they’ve sent us a load of facts including some bits about cat videos. They do mention that Vodafone 4G data traffic is now bigger than 2G and 3G combined (it’s 10,000TB of 4G data each month!) They also state that Whatsapp accounts for over 60% of instant messaging traffic.

Anyhoo… I still can’t get a signal in Lichfield, and I promise that’s the last time I mention that. Seriously, Vodafone. Go into your Vodafone store in this city and then go to the coffee shop a couple of doors down. Y’know Nero? They do lovely blueberry muffins, but it you dare to go in there, you’ll get absolutely no signal. Nothing at all. Even sitting by the window. Even sitting by the window with the phone pressed against the window. You might even have to resort to stealing the WiFi from the Thomas Cook next door, which I’ve totally never done whilst sipping on an Espresso Con Panna. No sir-ee.

Oh come on…

What? You want more? Errm… Voda say that calls are connecting faster and streams are smoother, plus they’re investing another £2 billion in the next three years on making it even better.

Hopefully whacking some masts up around Lichfield. By the coffee shop maybe. 🙂