Festive Feature #6 – Black Friday sale at Amazon

The whole Black Friday thing has toned down a little here in the UK. Some stores that started having Black Friday sales a few years ago have now decided not to bother.

Not Amazon though, they’ve gone completely the other way and have extended their sale so that it’s a full two weeks long.

Festive Feature #6   Black Friday sale at Amazon

At the moment there’s 41 items in the sale, but this will no doubt change as the event continues. Currently we can’t find a great deal of mobile related gear, apart from some reductions on Bluetooth headphones, but it’s worth checking back to see what else pops into the sale as November 25th approaches.

Hmm… I’ve found this iron though, and at more than half off I reckon it’s an ideal Christmas present for my wife. I definitely can’t see any problem with buying her an iron for Christmas, she’ll love that.