Papa’s got a brand new p BAG

Papas got a brand new p BAG

You may have bought yourself a phone cover with a couple of credit card slots in the back recently. It’s becoming a bit of a trend and, thanks to Android and Apple Pay becoming more popular too, we’re carrying more of our life around with us on our phones.

Cards are one thing, but what if you want to carry something else? Well, you could try this – the p BAG. This will stick to the back of your phone but there’s no messy residue or glue. Instead it uses “NanoSuction” technology which means that you can remove and re-apply the bag to various objects and surfaces. If if gets dirty or doesn’t hold any longer, just give it a quick wipe and it’ll start working again.

Papas got a brand new p BAG

Now, this isn’t just about a small bag that can hold your cards – it’ll do much more than that. It’s elasticated so that you put money, cutlery, pens, pencils and tickets in there. Sure, you can leave it stuck to your phone, but you can also remove and add it to any other flat surface.

Papas got a brand new p BAG

It’s currently on Kickstarter where you can get involved from just one Swiss Franc. If you pledge 8 Fr (which works out at £6.60), you can get yours in any colour when they begin shipping in December. After that they’re going to be a bit more expensive, so get involved now if you like the look of them :)

Head to Kickstarter for more info, or watch their project video below…

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