Smartphone + Music Festival = Festival Fuel

It seems that the days of picking up a cheap phone for a festival are long gone. It is a regular site to see folk using portable phone chargers now, to prolong the smartphone goodness and for the selfies with your mates when the headliners are on. You could pay for your phone to be charged at those booths you see scattered around the site but why bother when you could use a Festival Fuel portable charger. Here is the cool differentiator to the others, you can charge up to 4 different phones at the same time and it has a built-in torch!

Key Specs (borrowed from Festival Fuel’s website):

  • Fast Charge USB port to charge your smartphone or device quicker.
  • Designed to keep your smartphone charged all weekend!
  • Stylish design to stand out
  • Led lights to signal the remaining charge left
  • Durable aluminium design to survive any festival
  • Comparable with all mobile phones, Apple, Samsung, Nokia etc
  • Festival Fuel is the same size as your smartphone so no more carrying around bulky portable chargers!
  • Festival fuel is a small, high capacity battery pack (9000mAh) perfect for any festival!

The build quality feels nice and light especially when you compare it to my Anker 21000mAh portable charger. I like the torch feature as well, however, I have a confession it took me a while to work out as I kept activating the emergency beacon! So if you do buy on, it is a quick double tap for the torch and hold down the torch button for the emergency beacon. In terms of how fast it charged my OnePlus, this was slower than my Anker charger which was a surprise.

The unit comes in 5 different colours at £25 each.