Flat iPhone? Wind it up!

Flat iPhone? Wind it up!

My wife says that I’m always winding her up, so let’s put it to good use and charge a battery with my skills. Now, bear with me here, because I know that this is a bit expensive, but if you hang around the AMPWare website for a few seconds you can get 10% off. For £69.99 this is the Power Generating iPhone Case. It comes with a dynamo which you can hand-crank to provide power anywhere, anytime.

Here’s a video from the people behind this showing it in action..

After 10 minutes of furious cranking you’ll get to enjoy a whole two hours of blissfully powered enjoyment from your device.

Over the years we’ve been sent lots of solar powered gadgetry, and it’s good to know that this is actually 23 times more efficient. Plus it’ll build muscles in your wrist and, because it’s flexible and includes a case, will protect your iPhone 6 or 6s against knocks and scrapes.

So, save the planet people. If you’re out camping or away from a plug socket, have a crafty crank and it’ll make everything better.