A plug-in self-drive solution – Remoto Pilot

A plug in self drive solution   Remoto Pilot

Part of me didn’t like this pretty much immediately purely due to the video below. I mean, what’s going on with the face fur on this guy? And does he have to look so cocky?

“I’m not just going to use my phone while my car is driving itself, I’m going to have a coffee too. Yeaaaahhhh. Look at meeee. I’m soooo cool”.

This technology, which seems to involve a bunch of cameras attached to a roof-rack, is from a company called bright box. Their description of the tech is a little opaque to say the least…

(This is) our worldwide official launch of a self-driving car solution with a neural network that learns extreme driving through computer games.

Errrmm.. OK.

It learns by watching me play … computer games?

That’s not going to end well. I really don’t want my car bouncing off every other car on the road and then sliding along the barrier for two miles.

A plug in self drive solution   Remoto Pilot

They then tell me that “Remoto Pilot” has real-time collision detection and avoidance plus safe and reliable lane changing. It works using GPS, high-definition maps and those cameras on the roof. Customers include big car makers as Nissan, Toyota, KIA and Infiniti. They’re also going to have a retrofit solution for existing cars, so perhaps I can whack it into mine and have a sleep on the way to work eh?

…or perhaps I’ll have a coffee and browse on my phone. First though, I need to grow a weird moustache and beard.

Full press release below..