Got a Galaxy Note7 and want to return it? Here’s the details

Got a Galaxy Note7 and want to return it? Heres the details
The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 was explosive, but sadly not in the right way. Batteries seem to be melting through the handset as it’s charged and the advice now appears to be, “Woah there! Put the phone down! Put it DOWN”

If you’re in the UK and you still haven’t sent the handset back, here’s what you do. Samsung have today announced a Galaxy Note7 Exchange Programme. It’ll enable you to swap your Note7 for a brand new model which hopefully won’t go bang. In the interim, Samsung have also started issuing new software that’ll stop your handset charging further than 60%. The software will start rolling out tomorrow.

Samsung need you to head to and enter your IMEI number. This is just to confirm that you have a handset which is part of the recall and not a newly-fixed one. Samsung also state that this new version will come with new software…

Customers who exchange their existing device for a new Note7 can be fully confident that their replacement device is not affected by the battery cell issue, courtesy of a new UX update to the battery icon. Any Note7 device that shows a ‘green’ battery icon (previous software version is white) on the device notification bar, the ‘Power Off’ prompt screen or the Always-On Display can be assured that the device is safe for charging. This UX update will be rolled out from tomorrow in UK and Ireland.

So, if you’ve just bought yourself a Galaxy Note7 and have a green battery icon, you can be pretty sure that it’s note going to go boom.

More detail below. If you haven’t swapped yours yet. Do it.