Build your own rooms with a VR Room Simulator

The HTC Vive is a very cool product as you all know but it was limited to a few games not that long ago. Now, there are lots more on the market which are not just games, but sensory and sometimes productive in terms of being creative. MyDream Interactive Inc has launched a new product via Steam called LightVR, which is an immersive room simulator. The multi-window computer interface for VR lets users interface the Windows desktop, web apps, and games all from a fully customizable 360 VR space with multiple screens, 3D props, and environments.

The aim of the product is to allow you to do whatever you would do normally on a computer in your own virtual room.

With multiple screens, blended reality, gesture controls, and customization, there’s no need to remove your VR headset or interrupt your VR experience.


Pricing and availability

LightVR is an early-access product, available for $13.99 (£10.57 ish). It will be on sale for $9.93 (£7.50 ish) during the launch period, from 14th September to 21st September.