IFA Berlin 2016 – Lenovo Press Conference

Coolsmartphone.com, represented by the Chief Pixel Density Enthusiast, is at the Lenovo Press Conference for you. You may be gutted Matteo is not on the Podcast, but it is all to bring you the latest from Berlin.

Lenovo start by speaking of hardware testing and then Moto Mods.

Boom! Moto Z Play. A new camera mod is a collaboration between Motorola and Hasselblad. The Moto Z Play launches in September at €499.

Swedish camera maker Hasselblad made the cameras used on the moon landings. The Hasselblad mod is a 10x optical zoom camera to stick to the back of your Moto Z smartphone.

Next Lenovo are moving on to the new Yoga 910. Shiny! Slim! Fingerprint reader! Tent mode!

Next: Yogabook! Sexy hinge! Super thin! Super light! Powered by Intel. Two SKUs: Windows version and Android version. A two wow product apparently. I want the Android version.

Now we’re all off to have a hands-on with all the new products.