New Pokémon Go maps launched for passionate gamers

New Pokémon Go maps launched for passionate gamers

Pokémon Go is the game that is captivating everyone’s attention at the moment. It’s because many of us remember playing it when we were kids. If you are one of those players and you’ve been wondering where you can find Electabuzz or Pikachu, it’s worth knowing that Pokémon Go developers are preparing to launch new maps. These will help extend your search and let you explore new places.

However, there’s been a number of third-party trackers, such as Pokevision which was closed down recently. This app would let you find out exactly what kind of Pokémon appeared in specific locations – helping you hunt down the ones you needed more easily. The developers behind the Pokémon Go game have started to crack down this and similar apps, so it’s levelling out the playing field again. However, there are ways around – just use some clever crowd-sourced maps to locate the Pokémon you need …

What are the latest maps?

You might know, but there’s plenty of maps on the market that can help you out on your Pokémon quest. Sadly not all of them are quality ones, and they’re not always worth downloading or using. However, I’ve had a quick look at the options and there are a few which are worth checking out. Give them a try and they should enhance your fun – plus you’ll add to your Pokédex quicker. The first provider of quality maps is Pokeflex, which offers access to a great number of maps for different areas. These maps differ in terms of format and quality, so you as a player can choose the ones that meet your needs.

New Pokémon Go maps launched for passionate gamers

You can also use Pokefind to find certain Pokémon. Just whack in your location and an embedded map will show you exactly where than one is. You will receive a notification when the Pokémon you are looking for is near you.

What map you should use?

This is one of the main questions every player has, I’d advise using maps that allow you to merely start by entering the Pokémon name. From there you should get all the locations, and you simply need to zoom in for details and the location. In addition, it is ideal for the same app to offer you a quick view on the things that are happening around you, but there are very few applications that do this, and the majority of them are designed for a specific area. Developers are processing feedback fast though, and in the near future, you will have access to updated maps and software, which would improve your experience.

When it comes to deciding on one map, choose the one which makes the process of finding your wanted Pokémon quick and easily. Then get out there!