Wanna be part of this? Come on!

Fame and fortune. We can promise neither, but you can get your name onto the t’interwebs and help us review some kit and cover the latest news about mobile phones.

We’ve been around quite some time now, and we’ve seen the competition come and go. We’ve got a talented and hard-working bunch of people writing these articles, but we’d love to add your name to the list.

Can you write? Is your spelling and grammar top notch? Do you have a style and passion for mobile handsets and apps? Do you want your voice heard? Do get in touch with me on the contact form. Go on. I’ll mail you back, we’ll have a chat, it’ll be all gravy. Promise.

Wanna be part of this? Come on!

Oh, and don’t ask me what happened with this stock image. We don’t use type-writers and we don’t tend to sit in autumnal fields staring into the mid-distance either. Madness.

Also, while I’m typing away, we’re currently looking down the back of the Coolsmartphone sofa to pay for our quarterly hosting bill, which is now getting a little overdue. If you do have a spare couple of quid (even if it is literally £2!) we’d be humbly appreciative..