OnePlus3 soon available in Gold

There is no denying it OnePlus have definitely hit their mark on the fourth attempt at a phone. This time they promised a flagship killer and according to most reviews (including rather excellent one that can be read here), they nailed it. If there was a fly in ointment at all, it is that there has been no colour choice …..until now.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you a Gold OnePlus3!

As you can see we now have a white front and a lovely burnished gold rear finish. Even the home button/fingerprint scanner has a golden surround on it. Very bling.

Now, before all you ballers run over to the OnePlus store to buy one of the golden enigmas, you should know that it hasn’t started selling in the UK just yet. That will happen at exactly 12:00 CEST on the 1st of August.

Go Gold! The OnePlus 3 Soft Gold Is Coming Soon. Order yours on August 1st 12:00 pm CEST

The rest of the phone is exactly as we discovered in Matteo’s rather fine review last month, so no surprises are in store, other than the looks you will get from your crew when you show up with all the blingy Gold

Good luck with all the upcoming refreshing of your browser come Monday lunch time….