BBC+ app launches

BBC+ app launches

Today the BBC have launched a new app on both IOS and Android, the BBC+ app. Every day the BBC generates massive amounts of content, be it news, TV programmes or the radio shows, and to be honest all this fantastic content is scattered throughout the internet, and can be difficult to find.

Hence the launch of BBC+. Content is presented in a curated form, from the entire range of BBC output depending on your own personalised selections. The app is free to download, with no adverts or hidden charges.

Once downloaded, upon start up you will be required to sign in to or sign up for a BBC ID account. You will then be asked to select the type of content you’d most like delivered to the app on a regular basis.

BBC+ app launches

In addition, thanks to your postcode and location details, you will find local news content more easily than you have before. This will also be trimmed and presented based on your interests.

The app itself has an “At a Glance” home page, but as you swipe left or right, your interests will be presented in sections, such as arts and culture, gaming and even the BBC iPlayer TV picks it thinks you’ll most like.

Clare Hudson, Executive Editor of Homepage and BBC+ stated

By making BBC+ customisable, we are able to give users more relevant things to read, watch and listen to from across the BBC. This means you can use your spare moments well because once you’ve caught up on the day’s main events, you can browse articles from across the BBC on topics you’ve chosen yourself. It’s also an easy way to discover things you weren’t expecting to find, as everything is brought together in one simple app.

The BBC+ is well worth downloading just for the wealth of information and the inherent links with iPlayer and radio that make it so appealing.

Download the BBC+ app from Google Play (Android) and iTunes(iOS).