How much data does Pokemon Go use?

Unless you have been living under a rock for a few days you will be aware of the Pokemon Go phenomenon which is taking over the world.

Everywhere I go I see hordes of gamers waving there phones in the air trying to collect Pokemon, or gangs of trainers chilling out together at Pokestops.

How much data does Pokemon Go use?

The game still has its flaws but it’s fun, good exercise and great at bringing diverse groups together. (Seriously very diverse)

However I wonder how many Pokemasters give a thought towards mobile data.  The game involves walking around in locations where in all likelihood you will be using a 3G or 4G network, and many will now be finding an unexpected demand on their data allowance.

How much data does Pokemon Go use?

To test my data use I removed permission for all apps to use mobile data, with the exception of Pokemon Go,  and then used the ‘My Data Manager’ app to monitor data usage over time. Over the space of 4 days my son and I went on a number of Pokemon hunts, with my son leading to ensure a real life user case.

On average we used 8.8 mb of data per hour playing Pokemon Go.

This seems very reasonable but it will add up and if you are on a limited data plan you may wish to monitor if carefully.
Does this match your usage if you are getting different results then please let us know.

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