Pokémon Go now in the UK too

Following on from my story yesterday, I can now confirm that the game everyone is talking about is available in UK app stores. Android and iPhone users just need to head to their respective places and grab the download the normal way.

Yesterday we detailed a get-around that let you download it ahead of time, but now you can simply grab it and start waking around the streets aimlessly. Indeed, EE have been in touch because they spotted hundreds of thousands of their customers using it before the official launch…

As momentum continued to build in the lead up to the UK release, EE saw 350,000 unique users on the network begin their quest to “catch ’em all” (on Wednesday 13th July – the day before the app launched). Gamers have been finding alternative methods to download the app ahead of time, such as VPNs to access the App Store and Play Store from a foreign IP address.

 Just watch the cars and other traffic OK? Nintendo doesn’t really know if a Pokémon is in the middle of a big field or the third lane of the M6, so be careful out there, mmkay?