Filming a concert? Yeah, don’t go mad with that

Filming a concert? Yeah, dont go mad with that

If you’ve been to Glastonbury or a big concert recently, you’ll have noticed the eagerness of some to capture the moment. Some go to extremes – filming entire songs and suppressing their own enjoyment so that they can hold their precious phone stock-steady instead.

It can look strange to some, because you know that – with the huge speakers and the distance to the stage – the resulting video will look and sound utterly terrible. Even when it does sound half-decent, you’ve got to wonder who the heck is really going to enjoy it. Take, for example, this Fatboy Slim set – almost an hour of this, recorded by someone who has chosen to hold their phone at arms length throughout the entire thing. Here’s another one, and this time it’s in ‘ruddy portrait. PORTRAIT !!

So, this video is for you ..

Thanks to Public Service Broadcasting for the nudge.