Get on your back. Let me put this on your face.

Get on your back. Let me put this on your face.

Where do I start with this one? The picture alone is enough to give you an idea of the madness. It’s a “Cardboard Home Cinema” and, because it’s not the actual size of a real cinema, you basically lie on the floor and stare at your phone.

Get on your back. Let me put this on your face.

Yeah. This isn’t exactly the viewing experience I get in my local cinema to be fair. I mean, there’s popcorn and chocolate that costs 16 times what it normally does, and there’s buckets of Pepsi that you can bathe in – there’s even reclining chairs too. But do I lie on the floor with my head in a cardboard box ?

No. No I do not.

So, instead of perhaps making your own home cinema with an old box, some scissors and some sticky tape, you instead pay £19.99 (yes, £19.99) for this bizarre pre-made contraption. It includes (and bear with me here..) an “optional cardboard audience for added realism”. ADDED REALISM? I’m laid down flat on the floor!! What’s that all about? I don’t think a few “cardboard people” are going to fool me into thinking that I’m in a plush cinema. I’ve got my head in a bloody cardboard box.

Anyway. The description states that it “recreates the interior of a cinema with alarming accuracy” and is “simple to assemble”.

Insane. Go. Go pay your £19.99 for this. You plonkers. :)

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