Get on your back. Let me put this on your face.

Where do I start with this one? The picture alone is enough to give you an idea of the madness. It’s a “Cardboard Home Cinema” and, because it’s not the actual size of a real cinema, you basically lie on the floor and stare at your phone.

Yeah. This isn’t exactly the viewing experience I get in my local cinema to be fair. I mean, there’s popcorn and chocolate that costs 16 times what it normally does, and there’s buckets of Pepsi that you can bathe in – there’s even reclining chairs too. But do I lie on the floor with my head in a cardboard box ?

No. No I do not.

So, instead of perhaps making your own home cinema with an old box, some scissors and some sticky tape, you instead pay £19.99 (yes, £19.99) for this bizarre pre-made contraption. It includes (and bear with me here..) an “optional cardboard audience for added realism”. ADDED REALISM? I’m laid down flat on the floor!! What’s that all about? I don’t think a few “cardboard people” are going to fool me into thinking that I’m in a plush cinema. I’ve got my head in a bloody cardboard box.

Anyway. The description states that it “recreates the interior of a cinema with alarming accuracy” and is “simple to assemble”.

Insane. Go. Go pay your £19.99 for this. You plonkers. 🙂