VR Headsets are OK, but… this. This is better.

VR Headsets are OK, but... this. This is better.As an author on the site you find yourself chasing your tale quite a bit. You’re writing about the latest handsets, the latest speakers, headphones, tablets and VR gadgets. However, this one just jumps off the page.

VR headsets. They’re great, sure – but you need to strap something to your moosh. What about if you could experience virtual reality without the strap-on ? That’s what some clever boffins did for for Lockheed Martin. They took a big American school bus and, with some clever see-through screens and a stack-load of technology, it turned into a Mars rover. Thanks to some tracking technology, mapping and lasers (yes, lasers), the school kids on this bus got the best trip to school ever.

Now, this one is locked and embedded to their website, so we can’t embed it here, but I really do encourage you to click this and give it a watch. Whether it’s the tech that interests you, the clever people behind it, the teamwork or just the reactions of those kids – it’s really, really worth five minutes of your time. Honestly.

VR Headsets are OK, but... this. This is better.