MEEM is now out!

Back in January, Leigh looked at the MEEM cable which was in the Kickstarter stage. What is MEEM I hear you ask? Well it is a phone charger cable that automatically backs up personal data on a smartphone to the cable, every time the phone is charged. MEEM is available to purchase in the UK, Europe and North America direct.

“People’s data and its security is at the heart of MEEM. Our promise to customers is: ‘Your memories are your business, safeguarding them is ours.’ stated Kelly Summer, CEO of MEEM. “We will never ask for your personal details or rights to your data, for any reason. Your private information is always under your physical control. No hacker abuse. No government intrusion. All in a very simple form factor.”

MEEM can then be used when you upgrade your phone or simply want to restore your old one; all of your precious data is transferred, privately, but with ease.

MEEM is now out!



  • Simplicity: after a simple set up back up happens automatically every time you charge your phone.


  • Control: MEEM App gives full control; your personal data remains safe in your hands and inaccessible to anyone else.


  • Fits into your daily routine: charge your phone as usual using MEEM and your personal data is mirrored onto the cable itself.


  • Easy upgrade: whether moving from old technology or purely changing your phone MEEM makes it happen seamlessly.


  • No on-going costs and fees: after purchase there are NO data transfer costs or subscription fees.


  • Selectively sync data between phones: a virtually impossible task until now.


  • MEEM is a premium lifestyle product: featuring a slim, sleek housing that is virtually crush-proof.


  • MEEM is conscientiously designed: with the environment in mind, it uses high-grade, halogen free materials and components while the packaging is made from natural and recyclable material.


  • MEEM is already certified: CE and FCC and has been MFi (Made For iPhone) approved.


  • MEEM comes with a year international warranty



  • MEEM 16gb Android model will be available from 3rd June 2016 on Amazon, with an RRP of £39.99
  • MEEM 32gb iPhone model will be available from 15th June 2016 on Amazon, with an RRP of £59.99
  • MEEM is already available to purchase in the UK, Europe and North America via