Organika – Making your next phone cover even more individual

Organika   Making your next phone cover even more individual
Covers. There’s stacks of them. If you want something a little “different” then it usually only extends to having a personalised picture on the back of your device. Meanwhile, other cases are made from wood or leather to give you a small amount of individuality.

But.. what if you could have a case made from rose petals? Or from coffee beans? How about dried leaves or jasmin ?

A company called Organika are doing just that, and they need your help on Kickstarter to get the funding for the project.

The organic cases will be available for all the major smartphone models and bring their own unique scent. The natural material is thencoated with an organic-based resin to keep your phone safe and protected.

Get more details on Kickstarter and expect deliveries to start in September. If their crowd-funding campaign goes really well, they’re planning to let you design your own case from materials of your choice, including stone, wood, leather, crystals, flowers and more.

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