The best phone is the world.. for less than £10

Good morning Sunday readers. I imagine you sitting in your modem kitchen, surrounded by your kids, your beautiful wife, a couple of dogs and you’re perhaps nibbling on a croissant as you read this.

Now I’m here to make that all seem pointless. I’m here to deliver the best phone ever for less than £10.

It hit me yesterday, when I walked into the Carphone Warehouse and was met with this display of utterly naff phones…

The best phone is the world.. for less than £10

Now, I know I’m walking into an argument here.

No doubt you’ll tell me about how these are all well-priced Pay As You Go handsets and they’re designed for a customer on a budget, but I just don’t get it. That very same customer could walk next door to the trade-in place and buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 or an LG G3.. perhaps even an iPhone 5S. They’d spend about the same amount of cash and get a much better experience. Who says you have to buy a new one? Especially when the older ones have a better spec for roughly the same price?

While we’re talking about older phones, how about this classic eh?

The best phone is the world.. for less than £10

Yes, the Nokia 3310. This was created when Nokia were at the height of their powers and now you can get a fully refurbished one for less than £10. It has no colour screen, no internet, no social media, no email and no WhatsApp. What it does have though is a numeric keypad, text message ability and a battery life of about a billion years.

Take this on holiday with you. Get a free SIM-only plan from the boys at FreedomPop UK or something and you’ve got possibly the cheapest and easiest way to get a mobile phone. 200 minutes, 200 texts, 200MB of data and it’ll cost you nothing per month. Plus, you’ll probably never break the thing

This is available for $12.96. That’s just £9.09, and the delivery is completely free. Get one from AliExpress.

Do it. Do it.