HTC post some rather disappointing revenue figures

HTC post some rather disappointing revenue figures
Following the launch of the HTC 10, all eyes are on the HTC revenue figures. The company has just announced their unaudited revenue for May 2016 and, well, things don’t look too hot.

The company have announced an NT$6.75 bn revenue for May 2016. For  January to May 2016 that’s a total consolidated revenue of NT $27.32 bn.

Seems OK at first, but we dug out the figures they sent us exactly a year ago. Back then they gave May figures of NT $10.79bn and the January to May figures were NT $65.9bn.

Do some quick maths you’ll see that their May revenue has dropped by and it’s down a whopping on the same period last year. Yowzer.

Disappointing yes, but May 2016 is their best month of the year so far sales-wise.

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