LG G5 Case Special

LG G5 Case Special

How do you cover a phone which effectively comes apart? Well, it is possible. The boys from MobileFun.co.uk sent us a few to try and, with the aid of video and some lovely photos, we’re going to have a look at them.

First, for those of you who want the “instant hit”, here’s my totally professional video showing you the various cases and covers in action..

Right, let’s take a closer look shall we? First of all – the Caseology Skyfall Series LG G5 Case. This is the gold / clear one and cost £17.99. They also do the rose gold and a black version too. It’s a transparent case with a gold reinforcing strip around the edge to ensure that the case itself doesn’t go “floppy” at the edges and let and dust in.

It also ensures that all the cut-outs are neatly and precisely positioned. It’s very slim and looks pretty fashionable too. I found it suited the LG G5 well and didn’t take too much “away” from the design of the handset.

Next up, the actual official LG G5 Crystal Guard Case for £14.99. As you’d expect from an official case, everything about this one is ultra-precise. The holes for the camera and the volume controls and exactly where they need to be and this is very unobtrusive and see-through. It also has a protective UV coating to guard against scratches. Nice and smooth on the outside this. It’s slightly more rigid that the Caseology unit.

This one is the VRS High Pro Shield G5 case. It feels proper swish this one and has been reduced down to £14.99 as I type. As you’ll have seen in the video, I have a bit of trouble describing the smooth-yet cushioned rear panel.

It’s apparently an “air space cushion” which has a dual layered construction (I’m totally not reading this from the box. Basically what that all means is that it’ll absorb shocks better. I really liked the styling of the rear panel and, when coupled with that reinforcing outer section, it looked like a part of the G5 and added a little something to the style. Well worth the cash.

The cases from Olixar are next and first we have that Olixar Leather-Style Case in brown. They do it in black and red if that’s more your flavour. It folds over the front of the phone and still maintains the full functionality by having holes for all the buttons and ports.

Not only that, but on the inside you get space for credit and debit cards. This is just £12.99 and, if you train into work and back, you can prop it up and watch a movie with the in-built stand. Nice touch that. The inner holder kept the phone in position perfectly and I had no worries about the phone falling out should I accidentally let the case flop open.

At the lower end of the scale is the Olixar FlexiShield Ultra Thin LG G5 case. It’s just £5.99 and is flexible, see-through and – if you ensure that it’s placed onto the phone properly – all the ports and buttons meet up well enough. However, without that extra outer strap to keep things in place you’ll find that the holes sometimes go out of alignment and dust can get in the edges. My advice? Pay a bit more for another one.