Don’t want Windows 10 force fed? Give this a spin

Microsoft are playing a very dangerous game. It might not seem a big deal to many, but the company is under pressure. Sure, their desktop OS and Office offerings are performing well, but in the home there’s more iPads and mobile gadgets now. There’s less PC’s being sold and, if you really do need a physical keyboard, you have the option of picking up a Chromebook for just a couple of hundred quid.

Dont want Windows 10 force fed? Give this a spin

They need Windows 10 to do well, and they want you to upgrade to it. Trouble is, Windows 7 (and 8.1) is absolutely fine for the majority. I use 7 daily and it’s a solid, reliable operating system. I don’t need the Windows 10 features just yet. I’ll decide on my own time when I want to upgrade thanks.

Dont want Windows 10 force fed? Give this a spin

Microsoft, though, aren’t happy with people doing that, and they’ve had messages popping up on Windows 7 machines which offer the Windows 10 upgrade. People have sometimes been confused by this message, and have upgraded even if they didn’t want to. Now though, it’s even more demanding. Microsoft have added it as a “Recommended” upgrade and are strong-arming people into upgrading from Windows 7. They have changed the behaviour of the “Close” button on the “Update reminder” in the last few days to shove the new OS down your internet pipe and onto your machine.

Previously closing the message would’ve let you carry on with your current OS, but now pressing close actually performs the upgrade. This behaviour was changed by Microsoft, and that’s really not cricket.

Many of you will already know about my dissatisfaction with Windows. Yes, I use it daily at work and I’m extremely familiar with all the Server OS’s, Powershell and their Office suite too, but over time I’ve become tired of constant patches, drivers, malware, anti-virus software and huge waits while updates are checked and applied. Instead at home I’ve gone for a simple Chromebook and it’s a lot less stressful.

However, if you’re on Windows 7 and don’t want Windows 10 forced down your throat, give this Never 10 app a try. It’s from Steve Gibson and silently hides the current advert / pop-up, although it’ll only work until Microsoft move onto the next stage of their roll-out push.

Update – Microsoft appears to have changed their minds following a big online backlash, and will add another notification which gives you the chance of cancelling the update.