It’s the random next Nexus maker guessing game

Wow. That’s a headline isn’t it. As I sit back and re-read it, it almost hurts my head. Anyhow, rumour has it (#Adele) that HTC will be making a couple of Nexus handsets which are currently known as the M1 and S1. They’ll run Google N.

The rumour comes courtesy of long-term (and usually extremely reliable) leaker Evan Blass. With HTC needing a bit of a “boost”, this could be just the ticket for the company.

Its the random next Nexus maker guessing game

That, it has to be said, is all we know. Padding out this article is pretty pointless at this point because there is – quite literally – nothing else we can say. Sure, I’ve seen other sites adding three or four paragraphs about “how this could affect” HTC and regurgitating reviews of older HTC handsets or looking back at the innovations HTC brought to the mobile world, but you know all that already.

So, ladies and gentlemen, because of that first paragraph, I bring you…