Getting your regular phone fix – it’s a habit

Getting your regular phone fix   its a habit

During a recent press day discussing the security of iPhones and the encryption, fingerprint, TouchID and FBI involvement; Apple revealed a simply fascinating bit of data.

Whilst mentioning that 89% of their customer use a passcode or fingerprint to protect their iPhones, Apple revealed that on average people unlock 80 times a day.

Now, my first thought is, “Why are they recording that?” My second thought is, “What else do Apple know about my phone activity?” However, if you think about it a bit more it just shows how addicted we are to our smartphones.

I’m going to assume that you’re asleep between 11PM and 7AM. A good 8 hours. So, in 24 hours you’re awake for 16 hours. Based on that, you’re unlocking your iPhone 5 times every hour.

Look into it a bit deeper and it becomes a bit scary. If I take, say, just 6 hours out for working and an hour out for driving, it means you’re unlocking your phone nearly 9 times an hour when you’re not doing those two things.

Work it out based on your daily grind and see if it matches.