New Amazon Kindle – £270!!! – Enter the Kindle Oasis

Amazon has released yet another Kindle. This one’s the Bentley of them all, priced at £269.99 (What?! I see you ask with wide open eyes). Not only that, but the 3G version is £329.99 if you want to stay connected with all your expensive reading.

New Amazon Kindle   £270!!!   Enter the Kindle Oasis
This one is called the Kindle Oasis. Let’s hope it doesn’t isolate itself like its name in a desert at that price point. On a positive note, it looks gorgeous in the pictures we have seen so far. The word is that it is slim, light and very friendly to the eyes for reading. It has the same page size as its ancestors (I presume these would still sell better, given the price). Amazon’s Vice-President for industrial design, Chris Green, explains that the gold standard is paper, and that the Kindle Oasis takes the company another step towards that.

He is quite excited about the back of the e-ink display: “200 microns – thinner than a sheet of tin foil”, and about the “matrix of components” that makes for the perfect reading experience. It does have a nice leather cover which also doubles up as an extended battery to increase your reading times on this posh device.

If you’re interested, head to Amazon to get yourself one right now.