Voda and EE at the bottom customer service scores

Voda and EE at the bottom customer service scores

The latest Which Customer Service survey is out and two networks sit right at the bottom. 4,101 mobile customers were surveyed in February to compare the UK mobile networks.all the UK’s mobile suppliers.

EE and Vodafone didn’t do well when it came to value for money or “ease of contact” and this comes after similar results were posted last year. Vodafone were also highlighted by Ofcom as having a rise in customer complaints. The BBC published the latest Which? figures…

Mobile Providers rated
Provider Network used Customer score
Giffgaff O2 79%
Asda Mobile EE 72%
Tesco Mobile O2 70%
ID (Carphone Warehouse) Three 64%
Virgin Mobile EE 62%
Three Three 61%
O2 O2 60%
Talkmobile Vodafone 56%
TalkTalkmobile Vodafone 54%
EE EE 49%
Vodafone Vodafone 49%
Lebara (international) Vodafone 46%
source: Which? survey of 4,000 people

Vodafone stated that they were working hard to correct the level of dissatisfaction..

Due to new processes we have put into place, helped by significant additional call centre resources, we believe that customers will see improvements over the coming months.

Voda and EE at the bottom customer service scores

..and EE also stated that ..

We’ve returned over a thousand service jobs to the UK, and have cut our customer complaints in half over the last year to outperform the industry average

Meanwhile the likes of giffgaff and Tesco Mobile did rather well – both using the O2 backbone. Meanwhile Asda Mobile, which operates on the EE network, got above 70% too.