HTC 10 – The videos

HTC 10   The videos

Usually when a brand new handset is launched we’ll be reporting live right now. We’d be battling to get hold of the actual, real phone so that we can give you some instant feedback on what it’s actually like in the flesh.

Unfortunately, the HTC 10 launch isn’t like that. There’s no launch location, no event, no canapes and not even a live video feed. We can’t tell you what the thing looks like in the flesh. Heck, I don’t even have the chance to drink excessive amounts of free wine and miss my train home. It’s all a bit…. weird.

So, we’ve got all the details now. You know about the laser-focus camera, the colourful screen, the battery-saving technology and the hi-res audio.

To supplement the bits we’re missing, HTC have sent us lots of videos. They show “real user feedback” and give an insight all the hard work that HTC have put into this phone..

First, the tech….

First impressions….

More details as we get them. What are your thoughts on this new handset? Is it enough to bring HTC back into the limelight?