LIFE Mobile Spring sale

LIFE Mobile Spring sale

If 4G isn’t a massive “want” then you might want to take a look at LIFE Mobile. They’re an MVNO using the EE network and offer SIM only deals. There’s a UK call centre, no credit checks and right now they’re offering some discounts on their plans. You can get 1GB of data for £7.45 per month, 2GB for £9.95 and plenty of calls and texts to suit your needs. The offer makes them the best value 3G SIM Only provider in the UK at the moment.

Their Spring sale gives you double minutes on all plans which are purchased between now and April 30th. Full details can be found below. They have a “Smart Cap” system which means you won’t be surprised with additional charges from tethering or other data-hogging applications. Get full details below or head to LIFE Mobile.

Phones4U launched LIFE Mobile back in March 2013 as an own-brand network sold exclusively through all its stores, but it got taken over by EE when Phones4U vanished.

TariffUK MinutesUK TextsUK 3G DataMonthly Cost
Mini300 6005000500MB£4.95
Value500 100050001GB£7.45
Everyday1000 200050002GB£9.95
Maxi2000 400050004GB£13.95


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