Introducing a new Sleep Tracking System: S+

ResMed, a company who already produce products in the sleep and respiratory medicine industry have launched a new device for the UK consumer market which claims to be the first non-contact tracker that captures data on all sleep stages. The new product is called ‘S+’ (S plus) which features patent-protected SleepSensor technology which makes it possible for the first time to track, analyse and improve sleep at home without needing to wear a wristband or use electrodes or mattress strips. Unlike other sleep trackers it also has the capability to analyse each stage of sleep through the night. Personal question at this point I am curious to know who does it know who I am? Do I need a single bed from now on?

We know that people who want to measure their sleep really need to be able to rely on the results they are given in order to be able to make meaningful changes,” said Hanna Salminen, Head of Consumer Strategy, “The SleepSensor technology behind the S+ by ResMed means they can have total confidence, and they have the added benefit of not having to wear or sleep on top of a device. Our commitment to advancing sleep science has helped many people with sleep disorders, and now with the S+ our aim is to help everybody improve their sleep in order to live life to the full.

The arrival of the S+ by ResMed into the UK marks a significant moment for home sleep tracking” said Dr Guy Meadows, Clinical Director at The Sleep School, “It will give people the opportunity to accurately measure their sleep within their homes and play a significant role in improving their sleep quality and daytime performance. In order to live functional, happy, healthy lives we need to ensure we are prioritising sleep. It is arguably the most important thing we do in our day, yet we seem to have forgotten that as a society. The launch of the S+ by ResMed gives us all a chance to reappraise just how important sleep is.

The S+ by ResMed will be available at the price of £129.95 at, ResMed clinics, Amazon and John Lewis.