Google Photos automatically creates your holiday albums

Google Photos automatically creates your holiday albums

I love the Google Photos app and, with every iteration, it gets better and better. Google have announced that it will automatically curate the best photos taken during a holiday or an event, then create a new album. All of your holiday snaps will be collated and sorted into your album, but only the ones that look good.

Text can be added to photos and you can let your friends and family do the same via a collaboration feature. The features for “smarter” albums also look to be available for existing albums, so you can add maps, locations, text and pins to them too.

Want to know how far you’ve travelled on your holiday? Good news, because the “smart” albums feature uses location pins so that you can track where you’ve been to.

These new features are coming to Google Photos on iOS and Android, plus the website too. It’s another update I’m looking forward to.

Get more details at the Google Blog.