Create floor plans in seconds 

Create floor plans in seconds 
I have no need for this. Usually, some bloke who comes round to measure up our house would need it. It could be an architect, a builder, a designer or someone else who you’re paying an utterly hideous amount of money to. Either way, they’ll start drawing and will no doubt charge you £4,000 for the privilege.

So, here’s RoomScan Pro for the iPhone. Just download it (you’ll need to pay £3.99 for it) and place it against each wall. It’ll do the rest and will magically create a room plan / floor plan simply. To be honest this is the perfect opportunity for a YouTube video to demonstrate it, so here goes…

Grab the app from the App Store. There’s a free version that’ll let you do one room, but you need the Pro version for doors and further rooms.

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