Can a Galaxy S7 survive your toilet?

Can a Galaxy S7 survive your toilet?

The release of a new phone usually means the publication of some mad video from somebody, somewhere, doing something crazy with it. Whether it be dropping it or getting it wet, there’s usually some sort of damage involved and we all sit back, laugh and point at how stupid these people are.

This one is a tiny bit different. Someone called Erica Griffin (no, me either) decided to drop her brand new Galaxy S7 down the toilet, dunk it in the bath, shower with it, feed it to the ducks and even plonk it in her soup – THEN take it back to where she got it and try and get a refund.

As you know, Samsung decided to bring back the waterproof Galaxy feature after it went AWOL on the Galaxy S6.

The video has a huge amount of warnings and disclaimers, and rightfully so, because if you’re going to spend £569 on a phone and then get upset because it broke when you dropped it in the toilet then you’re just plain stupid.

I’m surprised that the McDonalds Coke didn’t kill it to be honest. Surely that sugary solution can rot anything in seconds?!